North Shore Cemeteries

Styles Cemetery Hickory Flats - Near Noland Creek - Last Burial in 1942 - 6 Graves
Noland Cemetery - 15 Graves
Noland Creek - 4 Graves

Dear Mr. Woodbury:
I should like to advert to another matter which refers to the acquisition of one or the church properties in the Smokemont area. As I understand it, the elders of the Church are unwilling to arrange for the deeding over of the Church property for a reasonable consideration because of some misgivings they have as to the correctness of such a stand. I have not been advised definitely of the reasons for their hesitation, but it would seem to me that if they will sell this Church property to your Commission for a reasonable price and accept in return an agreement that the National Park Service will lease back the property to them for periods of two years each. they would be in an excellent position to apply the money they get from the sale of their property to the tidying up of the Church. The rent under the lease could be made as low as a dollar a year, just a nominal sum, and the other details of the lease would be no different from those exacted in any or the other cases, slich as good behavior, keeping the premises neat and tidy, etc. Total of 31 Cemeteries in Park N.C. OVER 1100 Graves in N.C.

November 23, 1931

I have been told by some of the people who attended the Church at Smokemont that the Deacons of the Church Deeded the Church to God. So who owns the Church?

Mr. W. Woodbury
Executive Secetary, North Carolina Parks Commission
WASHINGTON November 23, 1931

Mr. W.H. Woodbury Executive Secretary, North Carolina Park Commission
P.O. Box 1232 Asheville, North Carolina

Orr Cemetery - below Fontana Dam - 11 graves - last burial-1937.
Payne Cemetery - below Fontana Dam - 118 graves - last burial-1957.
Cable Cemetery - One mile from the mouth of Hazel Creek - 26 graves - last burial 1943.
Proctor Cemetery - Hazel Creek-last burial - 1944
Bradshaw Cemetery - Possum Hollow Hazel Cr
Higdon Cemetery - Sugar Fork on Hazel Cr
Bone Valley Cemetery - Mouth of Bone Valley Cr on Hazel Cr Graves 79 last burial 1943.
Hall Cemetery At Hall Cabin Bone valley Cr on Hazel Cr - 18 graves - last burial 1925
Walker Cr - Calhoun - Wike Cemetary - 12 to 14 miles up Hazel Cr
Cable Cemetery - Across from big Island on Fontana Lake. - last burial 1925
Fairview Cemetery - about two miles above Fairview - Last burial 1943
Nelems Cemetery - water shed of Calhoun Br. 5 graves - Last burial 1933
Mitchel Cemetery - Mitchell Hollow - 5 graves - last burial 1938
Pilkey Cr. Cemetery - Two miles up Pilkey cr. On left - 41 graves last burial - 1941
Posey Cemetery - Two and one half miles up Pilkey Cr. On left - Last burial 1944 - 3 graves
Scott Anthony Cemetery - Kirkland Branch - 14 graves
McClure Cemetery - Chamber Cr -14 graves
Woody Cemetery - Woody Branch right side on Forney Cr - Last buried 1935 - 64 graves
Hoyle Cemetery - Bear Creek On Forney Creek
Conner Cemetery - Hickory Flat - Near Noland Cr. - Last Burial 1936 - 16 graves


Mr. Woodbury:

Superintendent Eakin has turned over to this office direct for reply your letter of inquiry of November 12, concerning certain commitments you desire to have laid down regarding the handling of cemeteries in the park area, both with respect to the three cemeteries in the Cataloochee territory. which you are mentioning specifically and all the others inside the park area. In this connection you may say in behalf of the Park Service that we do everything within our power to keep the cemeteries intact and that the families who have bodies buried there may go to and from the cemeteries with all freedom of action and have the right to keep brush and briers cleaned off. In addition, they will also not only have the right of interment of any bodies now living within the park area and who have been interested in the cemetery and wish to be buried there, but we feel there may be some who have moved out whose family burial plots are in these cemeteries and who therefore may wish to be buried in the same cemetery with their kinfolks. These we will also accord the privilege of burial in the old family burial ground. Furthermore, we will assume it as an obligation of the National Park Service to assist in keeping these cemeteries as cleaned up as possible after we have taken them over as part of the park.

Cemetery - Graves moved that were under water because of Fontana Dam
+ 1,047 moved
+ Monuments moved 346
This started December 23, 1941 some 40 cemeteries were affected.
Cemeteries would be totaled around 1200 still on remains on the North Shore Today. .
David Monteith