Going Home

As I walk with Henry Posey down the old road at Hazel Creek, and visited cemeteries I would listen to Henry tell of his experiences. I have walked between the foundation of Proctor Baptist Church and listen to Henry say right here is where the Lord came into my life.

People say Henry is a different person every since that day. I have never been with Henry and go by the old remains of that Church that he would not give his testimony of that day and his experience with his Lord.

Henry was a happy man, Alice his wife also, still today as we go down to the North Shore Cemeteries tears would come to Alice as she tell about Henry.

Henry would say "HOME SWEET HOME" Henry would tell of another home, a home not made by hands, but my heavenly home, that home can not be taken away from me. Henry died Feb. 9, 1993.

I lost a good friend that day, I don't' go by that Church Foundation without thinking of Henry Posey, a man who love his follow man but most of all JESUS CHRIST.

David Monteith